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I didn't find it in my Oxford Dictionary and the "Pons Großwörterbuch Englisch".
It's certainly a term of new tecnologies. Who could explain it? Or who knows a special dictionary for those terms.


  • Hi Gwendo,

    I have found a definition in answers.com Here it is:

    Computer Desktop Encyclopedia: podcast
    (iPOD broadCAST) An audio broadcast that has been converted to an MP3 file or other audio file format for playback in a digital music player or computer. The "pod" in podcast was coined from "iPod," the predominant portable, digital music player, and although podcasts are mostly verbal, they may contain music.

    Using the RSS 2.0 syndication format, podcasts are made available to subscribers just like news feeds. The client program that captures the audio feeds and delivers them to the music player is a media aggregator (a "podcatcher") such as Juice, available at http://juicereceiver.sourceforge.net. See syndication format and vidcast.

    Podcasting Anything and Everything

    Podcasting is not just for ongoing broadcasts, rather the term is used for recording anything and everything to be played back in a digital player. "Sound seeing" is the audio recording of a person's experiences when traveling. Museums are making their audio tours available as podcasts for download, and art students and professors are creating their own "unauthorized" and often more controversial narrations of famous art works.
  • Wow Silky!

    Thanks a lot, even though most of your article remains a secret to me, which must be revealed in the next weeks by being restudied several times. Perhaps I try to memorize it. Unfortunately all of my friends dislike computers and new technologies and they hope to survive without ipods, podcasts and other media.
    I've written all your links from the other threads at the end of my vocabulary, tu-chemnitz, and so on.
    In common, together it's more fun!
    Have a nice weekend!

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