English Idioms

How to spell the year dates


until the year 2000 everybody says:
(in the year) 1998 => "nineteen_eighty_nine"
(in the year) 1747 => "seventeen_fourty_seven"
(in the year) 1121. => "eleven_twenty_first"

But since to 2000 how should I say?

(in the year) 2001 => two_thousend_one
(in the year) 2002 => twenty_two (like the nineteen_etc.)
(in the year) 2003. => twenty_third

an what's about year dates before 1000 a/b.c., etc.?
How it is spelled?
712 b.c. (in the year) "seven hundred twelve" before christ
712 a.c. (in the year) "seven twelve" after christ


  • Is it a weird joke, zaph, turning two thousand and two to 22?
    For my part I think we are now in the year two thousand and eight.
  • Hello!

    We say 'two thousand and one', 'two thousand and two', 'two thousand and three' etc. However, once we reach 2010, we'll probably start saying 'twenty eighteen', 'twenty thirty two', etc.

    Hope that helps!


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