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Hello everyone,

This is the thread where I'd like you to introduce yourselves please! General 'hello's, 'my name is Barbaba's, 'I live in Abidjan's etc. should be written here AND ONLY HERE.

If I find anything like this elsewhere in the forum, it is very likely to be DELETED FOREVER.

You have been warned!


  • I'll start:

    Hello! My name is Sigourney Weevil, and I live in London. I'm an evil journalist, which is why I'm being so rude to you all. Please don't take it personally. Ok?

  • Hello everybody, My name is Roya and I live in Germany.I am Anaesthetist. I am able to bring you in deep Dream......
  • hello, my name is Skylight and I 'm nearly a middle aged desparate housewife (kidding). I enjoy life and I always try to improve my english by any means and this one looks sympathetic...
  • hello,my name is Tidoo and I'm from France.I'm a french litterature-student,but I want discover others cultures and I'd like travelling later,that's why I try to improve my english !
  • Hello,

    My name is Kamel and I am from Algeria. I am a student in French Culture, a Computer Hardware/Software Agent.
    I am very happy to discover and practice Gymglish. It so wonderfull !
    Now, I'd like to go further and meet other people here in the forum, in order to practice more and more...

    Have a nice day everybody !
  • Hello everybody my name is lena 2007,iam happy to be member of your forum
  • Hi!

    I'm Hannah Benedict, and I'm the new Head of Retail at Delavigne. I'm originally from Stoke-on-Trent, but now I live in San Fran.

    Pleased to meet you all!

  • Hello every body, i'm cezame31, from algeria. I want to emprove my english. I'm happy to be member of your furum.
  • hi I'm khawla 25 years old I want to improve my english I 'm from tunisia

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