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Hello everyone,

This is the thread where I'd like you to introduce yourselves please! General 'hello's, 'my name is Barbaba's, 'I live in Abidjan's etc. should be written here AND ONLY HERE.

If I find anything like this elsewhere in the forum, it is very likely to be DELETED FOREVER.

You have been warned!

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  • From Guillermo Chavez:
    My name is Galactico and I live in San Antonio Texas. I consider English an important language. However, I think Spansih is a much more melodious and beautiful.


    my name is lova.
    i learn english by going in london one each months!
    but want to learn spanish after ,so if you are agree we can begin to speak english and later spanish.
    have a nice day ,see you soon!
  • Hello everybody,

    my name's Antonio Caputo.
    I'm from Italy and I live currently in Germany.
    I have been come here 8 years ago.
    I'm 33 years old and I have 2 children.
    My son is 6 and my daughter is 2 years old.

    I'm going to growing up my english. I need english for the job.
    I'm looking forward to hearing or reading something about you.

    Enjoy this way of learning english.


  • Hello everybody! I'm Pye.I lived in Spain and would like speak english by this way. My english was asleep for same years and now I will return at my mind again. I would like practise in this foro
  • Hello everybody!!!

    My name is Deyanira I'm from Mexico. I'd like to meet people over the world in order to practice my English, I hope to be in contact with you and share how we are getting progress.

  • hi,this is peter .i am chinese living in austria and i keen to improve my english!
  • hello i'm gofi , i'm 46 years old and i'm writting here because i love this course
  • Hi, I'm Chris, 20 years old, I'm airliner pilot student in France.
    I wish to improve my inglish and gymglish is a good means!
    I have just begun this course!
    please to meet you everybody!

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