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Hello everyone,

This is the thread where I'd like you to introduce yourselves please! General 'hello's, 'my name is Barbaba's, 'I live in Abidjan's etc. should be written here AND ONLY HERE.

If I find anything like this elsewhere in the forum, it is very likely to be DELETED FOREVER.

You have been warned!

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  • From Max Monel Dorlean:
    ''Hello''everybody my name is Max Monel430 I'm from Haiti.I'm happy to be menber of furum.

    hi max i have many friends who come from haiti like U. maybe u like Compa this music which come from Haiti. Do U know Carimi?
  • Hello, I'm Esperanza, I leave in Madrid. I need to speak English fluently in very short time. My boyfriend is German and we want to marry. I don't speak German. I'm studying it but it´s very difficult. In Munich almost everybody speak English because of it I think that improving my English Icould surviving in Germany while I learn German. I would like to practise English with someone in similar circumstances... See you soon
  • Hi!
    My name is krinda,I need help for understanding people when talking to me .I easily can read and translate,how can find
    a way to solve this problem ?.
  • Hi!
    My name is krinda,I need help for understanding people when talking to me .I easily can read and translate,how can find
    a way to solve this problem ?.
  • Hi!i'm thegy a student of university of Benin republic's but i'm congolese
  • Hello!
    My name is Sandrine and I come from belgium. I'd like to improve my English for work and private life.
    I'm a mother of twins who are 6 months.
  • Hello,
    i'm Nadia, i live in Montreal, i need to improve my english,and i hope that i'll meet many friends in this forum.
  • hello I'm very happy to be member of your forum
    my name is Cora, I'm french and I leave in Cannes
  • Hi,

    I'm Diane from Montréal, Québec. I'm a French speaker and I would like to improve my English writing. I find GymGlish a pretty good means to attain my goal. Happy to participate in this forum.

  • From kumikam:

    My name is Kamel and I am from Algeria. I am a student in French Culture, a Computer Hardware/Software Agent.
    I am very happy to discover and practice Gymglish. It so wonderfull !
    Now, I'd like to go further and meet other people here in the forum, in order to practice more and more...

    Have a nice day everybody !


    Congratulation Kamel and good luck in your studies of the French culture. From which town or village in Algeria are you coming ? One day, I would like to go and visit this country with my husband since I have been living there a few years as a child in Surcouf, a small harbour westward close to Algiers. My memories remains lively and blurred at the same time since I was so young. I still feel its sunny and blue atmosphere. Besides I am very found of litterature and I have sometimes published articles on the French culture. What are you specifically interested in ? My name is W B Yeats as the famous Irish poet whose works and character remain quite inspiring. I hope the mediator of this site will improve my English practice and correct this message. The Gymglish method is just great and if I were younger I would very much like to work either with their team or in some other place as efficient and happy as this one.

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