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Hello everyone,

This is the thread where I'd like you to introduce yourselves please! General 'hello's, 'my name is Barbaba's, 'I live in Abidjan's etc. should be written here AND ONLY HERE.

If I find anything like this elsewhere in the forum, it is very likely to be DELETED FOREVER.

You have been warned!

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  • From dinan:


    From dinan:

  • Hi tontonzen, what a nice name. What language is it? I would like to improve my French. And first of all I want to know, where Dordogne is.
    I know it by name like Bourgogne, Loire Atlantique, Bretagne. What are the towns there? I don't know Asia, perhaps you would like to tell me from these regions in English or French.
    I live in a little village in Austria with some friends and their children.

    How can I correspond with you?
    Greetings from Natalja.

    From tontonzen:
    Hello, My name's Philippe and I'm french. I live in Dordogne an area in south west of my country. I'm 57 old and I'm retired since last month. During my childwood, I was in Algeria after the independance war. I love travels and I try to go to Asia every often that I can.
    I'll be very happy if I can correspond with every body who want.

  • Hello, I am moham from Toulouse. I would like to practice and to speak english with you
  • Hello everybody, my name is Annie and I live in Belgium.
    I enjoyed last funky friday and voted for Philip returning to earth as a soldier, in order to tidy his mind with discipline and put his head back on his shoulders. Good luck leftenant Philip.
  • name is bripama79 and I live in the west of France , in Vendée! I am an occupationnaltherapist (what a long word!) and this job is not very known in France ! I like Gymglish to imporove this language ! Have a nice week !
  • Hi my name is Suki, I'm leaving in Montreal. I really appreciate gymglish learning material.
  • From Sigourney Weevil:
    I'll start:

    Hello! My name is Sigourney Weevil, and I live in London. I'm an evil journalist, which is why I'm being so rude to you all. Please don't take it personally. Ok?


      Hello my name is sue, and i live in st-hyacinthe.
    I dont speak english but i like understand english.
  • Hello every body my name is sue Theberge I live St-Hyacinthe and no speak english but i like learn english(brodsu@hotmail.com0
  • Hello,

    I am Liliane, an old lady from France. I have been learning English a long time ago in school and I want to refresh my memory it's why I signed with Gymglish. I quite enjoyed learning with Gymglish every morning.

    Good day everybody. LW
  • Hello ! I'm Jackie, 75 years old and I live in Belgium. I have a big problem : you sell me corrections of lessons I never received!
    Will you please check this. Thank you very much "à l'avance" and have a good day !
    Jackie De Ridder

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