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Hello everyone,

This is the thread where I'd like you to introduce yourselves please! General 'hello's, 'my name is Barbaba's, 'I live in Abidjan's etc. should be written here AND ONLY HERE.

If I find anything like this elsewhere in the forum, it is very likely to be DELETED FOREVER.

You have been warned!

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  • Hello
    I am jgiraldo and I'm from Columbia
  • Hello. I'm allix, hungarian mother of 3 children living in Germany. I would like to improve my English for a better restart in the professional world... my biggest problem is the pronunciaton. my first learned language, the French makes me a lot of trouble pronuncing english words correctly...
  • hello, my name is Michelle, I'm french, and live in Brittany, it's the first time I discuss on a forum, I apologise for my english, I have stopped talking for a long time (it's while I am on gymglish lesson
  • Hello, My name's Philippe and I'm french. I live in Dordogne an area in south west of my country. I'm 57 old and I'm retired since last month. During my childwood, I was in Algeria after the independance war. I love travels and I try to go to Asia every often that I can.
    I'll be very happy if I can correspond with every body who want.
  • Hi I'm Silverorchid and I'm leaving in France. I try to improove my English for work and also for myself.
  • Hello I'm Sandra from Nice,France and I'd like to improve my English
  • hello everybody, my name is Miguel, I'm from Toledo (spain), I'm working as a systems programer for 12 years. I'm learnign english, and this is not very good.
  • Hi, My name is Ernesto and I live in Mexico, I work in a information technology company and works with computers and people :).
    My hobbies are read, listen music, play guitar and the football soccer .
  • hello everybody my name is céline im live in togo i study english in my university i want to have many friend who like english like .

    From Sigourney Weevil:
    I'll start:

    Hello! My name is Sigourney Weevil, and I live in London. I'm an evil journalist, which is why I'm being so rude to you all. Please don't take it personally. Ok?


  • ok my name is celine iam lived in AFRIKA i want to know better by you all american history

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