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wouldn't you like your gymglish to be more coloured?

Hi, I love my dayly gymglish lesson but I think that the draws are not beautiful... I suppose that the gymglish team has removed the person who designs the characters: I don't like them very much they are not beautiful and they have a strange face! In the test version of gymglish the draws are more attractive and i have been a little disappointed by them after...
Don't you think the same?


  • drawings make me a dont care about
    l,don.t like don,t you haho many cours i havent in my lesson gym glish the prof comming

    everyday eighting less more for understands speak
    better i will go to place for me that is the imaginétion and inspirétion and ear lesson by spearker systeme looking smel and touch me

    get back on the road in the lory driver
  • Hi Julie!
    There is no accounting for taste. (proverb)
    I hope the drawings won't make you sick.

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