English Vocabulary

fewer or less?

does anybody know when to use "fewer" and when "less"?

thank you for your help,



  • I think that as determiner less is to be used with uncountable objects whereas fewer fits for countable ones.

    There is less wine in half a bottle than in that jug.
    There is less money in his pocket than in hers.

    There are fewer pencils in this box than in that one.
    No fewer than 60 people turned up at the meeting.

    Less and fewer are also used as pronouns with the same discrimination.

    That is less than we had expected.
    I did less today than yesterday.

    We were fewer than we had expected.
    How many people did you meet? Very few! And the fewer the better!

    Mind you! Less can also be used as adverb.
    The lessons are getting less and less boring.
  • great answer. very helpful and clear. thank you!

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