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an american word that i knew as a lorry driver.

Hello everybody ... When I was working as a lorry driver, I could understand what the word eighteen-weeler means. An eighteen-weeler is synonimum of lorry driver or truker aswell. This kept my attention and quikily realized that in Europe the lorrys does'n have eighteen weels, because in Europe the truks used to have twelve 'cause economical reasons.
Please send to me some coments about that.


  • Nice to point out one fact that shows the result of the higher prices of oil in Europe. Your experience as driver of an eighty-wheeler must be fruitful. Are you still a trucker?
    Do you know that Europeans are thinking of reducing all vehicles to one-wheel system, like monocyles?
  • wen pepol walking on the road his see truck

    in the banlieu d,ont like that please to me mor coment there making for living there live

    the troubler is in this contray now semme boday

    can do semeting for this situetion truck
  • i onderstand now this the number weel eighteen

    is not possibler this right this eighteen for economical reasons went pepole walking in the

    sidewall see that truck wit the weel less

    him onderstand economical reason can,t any more about truck lorrys give me mor information

    for le arning my lessons thoday
  • understand lorry driver also reason that peapol look for understand someting more

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