English Idioms


Today's lesson.
I suppose this expression is a play word with "exciting"


  • As pigs might fly, eggs might be quoted because eggheads must be able to understand what the yolk of the egg is telling about its future.
    Such story is suitable for Eastern.
    Thank you, Flower, for egging on to generate such ideas.
  • help me
  • My pal Ahq - he is a good egg (a good fellow) - took pleasure with playing with words, but it was a bit abstruse for beginners.
    As Orchidee hinted, egg-citing is a pun, a play on words.
    As a spoonerism egg-citing comes for exciting.
    But it has the plus that it evokes at the same time "citing an egg" and moreover that the verb to egg means inciting to action. EGGING someone to do something = EXCITING them to do something.
  • What's the matter, Nikitta? Are you alergic to eggs?

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