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Men, women or both - gender topics:

Did you ever see a man picking up sea-shells at the shore?
There are many children and women who do it all the day admiring the different colours and forms, taking them home for different purposes.
If a couple is walking on the beach, nobody of them is picking up shells, perhaps they have better things to do.
And a single man?
Yes, once I saw a man, armed with a big camera with many lenses, hunched to the ground there.

Please tell us your experiences and observations concerning the little difference.


  • According to your say, Gwendo, seashell collecting is mainly a hobby for children and women. My sole contribution to the topic would be that a male friend of mine who is geologist is rather keen on petrified seashells from ancient eras, quaternary or so.
    Is conchology a science for men and a hobby for women? I wouldn't give way to such wretched distinction between genders, even though the symbolism of our western cultures grants the mountain to the man and the sea to the woman, the spirit to the man and the physical nature to the woman, the transcendental future to the man and the generative role to the woman.
    Therefore I wonder whether seashells are the cup of tea of females. Is it because seashells are adornments of their own milieu?
    I wonder what my fellow-GGusers are about to teach me about that pressing topic. Meanwhile I'd ask a question:
    In the 19th century Queen Victoria was given a replica of Michelangelo's David.
    The story goes that on her first encounter with the David, the queen was really shocked by its nudity. A plaster cast of a fig leaf was made to hide the private parts of David. Why a fig leave and not a seashell?
    A naughty bastard tells me that the thing to cover the sex was decided by a male adviser of the queen; if she had decided by herself the David would have been adorned with the cast of a seashell. What do you think?
  • Why a fig-leaf?...because there existed a famous fig-leaf hundreds of years ago, whose duty was to cover the first nudity of our human history.

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