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need helpe from any one

hi for evry one , i'm sarah i'm 22 years old i want to improve my english and i need some one to helpe me
i love this langauge and i want to use it in my studies
arabic is my mother language and i can speak alittel of franch and now i'm tring to learn english some times i feel that its impossibale to learn it now im just in level four and it seems to hard for me to get it improving .
its my dream to speak english please if some one entrresting my msn is


  • Hi Sara Sara, if I can help you by some mails like this one I would be glad. Level four is not so bad, and it's fun to see the changes after some weeks.
    I did some lessons in arabic in 2001, but I've forgotten what I've learned there. I like your mother langage very much. Fortunatelately there are many television stations where you can watch arabic programs and news from many arabic speaking countries. (as well as you can watch the BBC or CNN programs in English)
    Of course I understand nearly nothing but I like the arbic sound.

    Hopefully to get your answer,

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