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Looking for friends to exchanche news in english

Hi, I am Severin. I am from central african republic .I ask to everybody who likes to exchange their home news to their friends to do it to me.
best regards.


  • Hello Severine,
    I am Chris and live in south of French. I would be to discuss with you and exchanges news, informations, feelings... I do not know your Country and I would be happy if you give me some information about the way of life there. Have you already gone to France? I am looking forward to reading you.
    Have a nice afternoon,
  • hello chris and severlin

    my name is paty i am from mexico but i speak english and a little french too my mother tongue is spanish so ineed to improve my english and french would you like to be my friend.....write

    my email is:

    write me wherever you want please

    see you

  • Hi Paty and Severin and Chris, I am Jens from North of Germany and I will just tell that I am happy to write this famous and (4 me) difficult language and it feels like You are talking to me (sort of), so if You want to make someone even more happy, just write me,
    and I will feel special, because it's my first time onto this forum.
    So I try to send my love via my open heart just to You and say: You are not alone (hopefuuly a message 4 me:-)
    see You!!
  • Hello, everybody!

    To spread the geography of this topic a bit more, I'd like to introduce myself too. My name is Ally and I live in Moscow, Russia.
    I will be pleased to discuss something with any of you in English or, may be, in French (but I'm affraid my French is not as good as I'd like by the time).


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