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Hi, I'm Tomek and I come from Germany. I want to improve my english and I'm looking for friends for phone call training. I need to learn this language for my new job.

My e-mail tomin@online.de

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  • Hi all my name is Mina. I am study at the University of Vienna and i can speak two languages Germany and Russian...and I also will improve my english.I am looking for mail Friends.

    My email pumpurusik@mail.ru or Karalova.m@hotmail.com
  • Hey momone! You are going to improve youR English, I'm sure.
  • Well done, momone!
    As you wish TO improve you English (and not any bad english), start writing of you as a subject being "I" (and not a common i).
    That true, even if you are working AT a university AS an assistant.
    Keep up the good work, momone. I look forward to read you again.
  • hello
    my name is simone, and i am 58 old, and i wish improve my english
    to travel when i will retire. Now i am working in an university like assistant on training course.
    bye, bye

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