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What do you think about the new layout?! (20080918)

Please, express yourself!

Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)


  • Hi The Security Guard !

    Surprising at first and
    it gives me the feeling of more room.
    I am keen of changes once on a while. So, it doesn't bother me.
    Go on !
  • In my opinion you have reached more clarity and practicallity (or functionality) with the new layout,but I would prefer green instead of read, sometimes.
  • I like the new layout. But blue wasn't as bad!
  • Hi the Gymglish team,

    Who is it ? .... just before the sentence "This is for all the comments..." I get a strange message. Is it your computer or my computer ?
  • Gymglish team,

    I am very disappointed. Indeed I have received an email about your new project "The rich morning show". I allow myself to tell you that the layout, background, colors ect... of these new exercises are really amazing. Unfortunately they are also better than the one for Gymglish lesson. Why ? Why not more colors, why not animated movie in gymglish lesson. Why not funny games in the gymglish forum. Aarrrrr !! I love you very so much Gymglish team, but I am very jealous about your other training lesson.

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