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A question about the wordbook.

In the menu of the wordbook there is an option named "settings" wich itself includes another option named "interests" that is for to configurate, to set what you want to receive in the e-mails sent by gymglish, that is for to choose your "areas of interest".

Well, my question is this: Is a good idea to choose all the possibles "areas of interest"? Or maybe I should just choose some of them? There are 37 "areas of interest".

If somebody chose many of these options named "areas of interests", what was your experience?

Thank you.


  • Hi Canito,
    I choose many of the areas of interests, politics, economics, and so on.
    The story of the Delavigne compagny is eventful.
    Many shareholders attemps to other compagnies, and Bruno is confident in his friend Oratio Oléré who owns a lot of shares of the Delavigne compagny. He isn't afraid of a take over bid, but he is about to sign up an agreement with Oratio to prevent his compagny from an hostile take over bid.

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