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From Esperanza

I don't understand this sentence: "The man is walking safety hazard". May you help me with the translation in Spanish? Perhaps you prefer to explain me the mining of the sentence in English.


  • to walk something as an idiom means to succeed easily.
  • Do you hint, Samson, that a man walking safety hazard does succeed in avoiding risks or in running into them?
  • It's funny, Gee, how you play with the idiom. But I wonder how Esperanza can manage with all your jokes.

    To walk safety hazard is not synonym of to run safety hazard.
    You may RUN safety hazard as you run unexpected risk.
    But to WALK safety hazard is somehow an opposite action.

    When I was working on a construction site in Middle East there was a CSO, a Chief Security Officer who was the top executive responsible for security of workers. I think it's going so in any industrial plant. The CSO leads a staff who is in charge of implementing processes and identifying possible risks, in order to prevent accidents. Amongst the many tasks of the security staff there is to walk through the site at regular intervals to identify any safety hazard. To my mind that's probably the meaning of Esperanza's sentence. The man walking is a security guard who is not running any risk but is walking through a space to detect any safety hazard in order to block or remove it.

    If Willy was dropping by, he could settle the matter.
  • Today in my GG lesson I came across "to walk on the wild side"!
    That points out that you can take risks with walking.

    Some hints to Esperanza:
    The mean speed of a walker is around 3 miles per hour.
    The speed of a runner stretches between 4 to 12 miles per hour.

    A manhunter chasing after men is running safety hazard.
    A wise man may occasionally walk safety hazard as it happens to him to bump into a manhunter.
    Is it correct?
  • Unable to translate in Spanish and unwilling to annoy our Willy, the security guard, I'm going to give my own way of understanding the sentence (the meaning according to me).

    safety: absence of danger, protection from harm.
    hazard: chance, risk (here take it as risk.)

    safety hazard: idiomatic expression meaning possiblity of a danger, possiblity of accident like fall, fire, burns, explosion, toxic fumes, moving parts, and so on.
    to be a safety hazard : to be a danger, to pose a hazard (a risk) to safety.

    When I am facing safety hazard due to my behaviour, I say that I am running safety hazard. One being in such situation is usually told "running safety hazard" ("running a risk").
    Is walking safety hazard synonym of running safety hazard? I'm not quite sure. Maybe there is a shade of meaning? Is the man moving (walking)? Have a glance at the context.

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