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I answer questions about Biology

Hello, I´m a Biologist. You can ask me all about Biology and I will try to answer you. The reason is, that I want to learn English. After I answered you, you can correct my english text, please.

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  • OK, Gioletta, it's crystal clear. Thank you.
  • C:

    Cholesterol is essential for surviving. But, to make a long story short, a raise blood cholesterol level is bad. Cholesterol accumulates in the inner walls of the blood vessels and block this bit by bit. That’s the reason that you can get different diseases like heart diseases, cancers or Alzheimer. But it’s not sure to get disease, if you have a raise blood cholesterol level. I think in fact many different factors play a role to will be ill, but not only one factor alone. You can balance bad things (for example chocolate) with good things (for example sport). I want to say that only the chance to will be ill is rises.
  • I quite understand, Gicoletta, that the chances to become ill just might rise a bit according to the quantity of fat at stake eaten and to so many other factors as well, factors that shape one's way of living. When I put the question, I figured out that there were specific processes.
    I thank you for your time - it was a long time, wasn't it? Your kindness is tremendous.
  • Hi gicoletta,

    thanks for your detailed answer about fatty acids and so on.

    Could you please explain us new research results about the hormonal effects of the fat tissue. Which hormones and other neuropeptides are these, what's their function in the body and the brain? I heard something about endogenious cannabinoids and other drugs in the fat tissue, inflammation mediators besides that.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Hello gicoletta,

    I have many difficulties to save my plants, potted plants just as cut flowers. I never know where to water them, into the mat or directly? How often watering is necessary? Should I fertilize them or not?

    Each year I plan all over again to make a detailed written instruction for each of my plants, but I never arrive to do it, because it's to difficult for me.

    For instance I have a rubber plant, which lost many of its leaves for an unknown reasons, first they became yellow and then they fell down. Now it has recovered but there are many ugly big bleak spots on the branches.
    Sometimes I put my houseplants into the rain, after that dounpour they seem to look healthier and stronger. I never changed the earth, soil, should I do that?

    That's great that we may ask you about biology.

    From gicoletta:
    Hello, I´m a Biologist. You can ask me all about Biology and I will try to answer you. The reason is, that I want to learn English. After I answered you, you can correct my english text, please.

  • I want to start with your question Gwendo, because it’s a lot easier.

    In general in summer plants need more water as in the winter. Because, in summer plants have better conditions to grow. The water portion are different for all plants. Plants which live in nature in dry territories (like cactus) need only a little bit water. Plants which live in nature in humid territories (like most of Araceae) need a little bit more water. The best is to water your plants with rain-water, because that contains not so much calc. I think it is better if you put the water in the mat. Look to at that the plants come near the water. After one hour you can pour off the water remain. The Most plants shouldn’t be dry up or very wet. The most plants you can to water weekly. I water my plants every week, but only the plants which have try soil.

    Many plants love light but not directly sun.

    The question about manuring the plants is difficult to reply. In every book you can read that you should manuring your plants often. But I have another opinion. If your plants have enough soil and distance to grow, you don’t need so much fertiliser. If you want you can use an normally liquid fertiliser one times in month, but it is not necessary. If your plants haven’t enough soil and distance to grow, you should it repot in a bigger pot with soil. But have a care to remove only soil which is loose.

    You can cut your plants if you want, but not within the growth period. I cut my plants if they are oversized and if they should build branches. Every plant you must cut in a specific way!

    Your rubber plant don’t need many water. It can be that it stays in the sunlight directly. Is it? Many plants don’t like it to change over another place. Other reasons can be bacterial, fungi or other infections.

    I hope I could help you.
  • Thanks a lot, gicoletta,

    you gave me a lot of helpful information and I already knew many errors of mine. Among the lots of books is there one you could most warmly recommend to me? With photos, very small, not too much information above the nessessary, in German please, because unfortunately I have no knack for plants till now but I love them all
  • The following book is very good, I think. I havn´t read it by myself, but my friends are very happy with it:

    Was blüht auf der Fensterbank?: 650 Zimmerpflanzen. Pflege. Merkmale. Sorten; von Angelika Throll

    It´s very clearly arranged with nice pictures.
  • Hello Samson,

    Sorry for the time of waiting. I´ve found a new text about "endogenious cannabinoids" in german. I think it will be very interesting for you. The text can answer your question bether as I ;-).:

    Cannabinoids 2007;2(2):6-14:

    I hope I could help you.
  • Hello gicoletta,

    it was a great pleasure to me, to read that relatively new (2007) article about the ECBR-System as a mediator between our brain and our digestive system. Thank you so much! How did you find it?


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