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I answer questions about Biology

Hello, I´m a Biologist. You can ask me all about Biology and I will try to answer you. The reason is, that I want to learn English. After I answered you, you can correct my english text, please.

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  • Hi Gicoletta,

    I have ordered the book to become a better gardener. Thanks again for your offer to help us in biology, that was so nice of you, could I take a rain check?


    From gicoletta:
    The following book is very good, I think. I havn´t read it by myself, but my friends are very happy with it:

    Was blüht auf der Fensterbank?: 650 Zimmerpflanzen. Pflege. Merkmale. Sorten; von Angelika Throll

    It´s very clearly arranged with nice pictures.

  • Hello Samson,

    you can find such texts with the help of some homepages like PubMed or google.

  • Hello Gwendo,

    it´s a pleasure for me to help you and all ohters :-))).
  • Hello gicoletta, I would like to know whether biology can answer how could that be that my friend has blue eyes like her sister and her mother, but her father has brown eyes. I thought blond hair and blue eyes are herited reessive and not dominant. How is the hereditary way of the alleles for the eye-colour?
  • Hello Michigan,

    The heredity of our eye colour isn´t explored completely. Simply I can say brown eyes are dominant and blue eyes are recessive. If the father has brown eyes, it can be that he have a recessive gene for blue eyes, too. The mother must be have both recessive genes for blue eyes, because the phänotype of her eyes are blue. For that reason the chance for blue eyes by the children are 50%.

    But in reality there are more than one gene important for eye colours. Factors like mutations and different production of melanin are relevant, too. For that reason the first part of my answer should be considered very theoretical.

  • Goodmorning gicoletta,

    your answer confirmed what I expected, unfortunately: No certainty about the blue-eyed children from a brown-eyed father. Nevertheless thank you for it.

    On All Saints Day, Michigan

    In your first writings you said that you would like to learn English with our help. If you agree I can try to extract your (few) language errors and correct them, hoping we get help by others.
  • Hello,

    it is a pity, however, I must cancel my gymlish because I must go from now to the work. Therefore, I do not have enough time to answer to all. Many thanks for your understanding.

    The best wishes
  • Good luck to you and thanks a lot!

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