English Grammar

Isn't it? Tag Questions.

Once more I cannot understand the correction mail from Gymglish. Who can help me in that case of tag questions:

- Well, there is something different about you.-
My tag question was not accepted: Isn't it? Why is it wrong here?

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  • That's probably prejudiced, dear BailleCl!

    Of course Latin and its successors French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese...show their grammatical constructions more obvious. Turkish for example is a language from the drawing board with is agglutinating structures, as my Turkish teacher told us. But you know perhaps that we Germans too have big grammars to learn, Duden and so on, and English is a bit like German. Nevertheless I was very bad in English at scool, I always prefered the pure clarity of Latin and French.
    Therefore I have a lot to do now, but I'm always looking for a comparable good French course online to dive once more in that beloved language of former times.
    Cordialement Gwendo
  • All that is great Nonsense, that's full of meaning, isn't that ?
    A lovely forum exchange, indeed (Hope I'm not spoiling it)


    PS: I always thought that English was a grammarless language ...
    What a fool of me
  • The forum is open to every GGuser! A hearty welcome to you both. I like to read all your statements.
  • Hello Silky,

    little by little I can't fight against that "ISN'T There?" further more, if you bring up the big guns.
    Thanks a lot. The exercise was very helpful to me. And surely I won't forget it anymore, even if my unconscious only reads and hears: forget, forget, forget it. It doesn't really go in for grammatically negative forms like "you won't forget it". To be on the safe side I will replace your nice suggestion by a positive one: I will keep it in my head, I will always remember it.

    Hopefully to still read a lot of your interesting statements.



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