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Hi, have you evere thought about a program to learn the Russian language? Mario


  • Of course, i've learned Russian when i was a teenager and would live to improve it.
  • Here are some links for you:

    Moreover, I'm russian myself and I will be glad to try to help you in learning Russian if you like

    Feel free to write me
    my email:
  • GymGlish doesn't have plans to make Russian lessons, I'm afraid. Perhaps once we've achieved our dream of world-domination in the English lesson market, we'll consider it!
  • My god, Brian, you must be overwhelmed with work and duties. Not only you act as assistant of Bruno Delavigne, but what's more, you care of your world-domination of the English teaching market.
    I now understand why you lately tested the Russian accent of the actor cast as Bruno.
  • And does anyone know any gymspanish ?

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