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get got gotten or get got got

In a recent lesson, you considered that one of my answers was wrong, because I wrote the present perfect I have got, and your answer was I have gotten ! What a surprise !
I am OK with forget, forgot forgotten, but GOTTEN ?
Could you explain ?


  • What was the context of the question?
    I have got is not the present perfect if you are talking about "possession". For example: I've got a dog (or I have a dog).
    The present perfect of "to have" is "I have had"
    The past/past participle of "get" in British English is got/got but with another meaning. Americans say "gotten" and don't use the present perfect as often as the British.
  • Hi everybody! Am I too late? Sure it's a long time, but I'm just finding out your interesting topic.
    Anyway, you don't have to let understand the Americans say 'got' or 'gotten' by chance. Please don't, the meanings are different.

    1) Idioms for HAVE, UNDERSTAND or MUST (but not GET in meaning)

    'I have got' is an idiom for 'I have' and also an idiom for 'I have understood' (colloquial).
    And 'I have to' means 'I must'.
    examples :
    I've got just 10 dollars, it won't be enough for the restaurant. (we are speaking about the possession)
    You've got it? (have you understood?)
    You've got to pay for me. (you have to pay, you must pay).

    'I have just 10 dollars... you have to pay...' is also possible.

    Please note that when the 'got' word is removed without changing the meaning, we are not dealing with the verb 'to get' but with an idiom for 'to have'.


    'I've gotten my 10 dollars from my dad.'

    In this example we are speaking about the process of obtaining the money : stolen or given as a gift.
    It's not about to have it, it's really about to get it.

    Even though it's obvious that if you get it then you have it.

    Got it?
  • After so long it's comforting to see you again, Jean-Pierre. You have been double-starred. Congratulations. Your comments are still as relevant as they used to be.
  • I think you were right at getting taken aback.
    I presume that when answering the item of your lesson, you were supposed to be an American citizen. I've been told that American say 'I've gotten' whereas British rather say 'I have got'.

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