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is rising / has been rising : Pupil's contest !

Hi Gymglish friends,
This time, I'm starting a student contest -50 years late ...
I do not agree with : These days, the cost of living in San Francisco has been rising (Rejected) is rising (Teacher's injonction).
Even if I know that Frenchies (like Jean) have big problems with the "appropriate tenses", I think that is rising is not subtle enough. On such a matter as Economics, Who could be sure that things are going on as they had, till the minute before.
I come to think that Gymglish staff is responsible, at least for a part, in the present Economics collapse.
No, Sirs, you shouldn't be as self-confident.
The future is Nobody's but the Lord


  • Euh, I meant
    No Sirs, you shouldn't be SO confident.
    And I'm afraid there are many more mistakes in this try to make a Nonsense "pamphlet"
  • The cost of living has been rising lately in SF.
    Since the cost of living is still rising THESE DAYS in SF.

    Like you I wouldn't be sure that things ARE going on as they WERE till the minute before.

    I appreciate a lot your squib as far as it is humorous.
    I just disagree with your saying for I for one think that the future is everybody's - as long as they want it.
  • Be sure i'm not at all a religious extremist.
    It's just a quote of Victor Hugo writing to Napoleon the first (whom he admired much, but they did not leave at same time)
    V. Hugo relates that Napoleon, holding his son in his arms said 'Future is our's" and V. Hugo writes : No, your majesty (Sire), future is Nobody's, Nobody's but the Lord's.
    Napoleon really wanted to make a dinasty, and he almost did, but ...
    Anyway, I think that we must live as if our future was in our hands, which is, at least, partly true - and the only way to live a decent life.
    But , I am turning away from the start, which was just nonsense about a real grammatical contest ...
  • I am flabbergasted and I bow to your impressive teaching by means of quotes.

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