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Sayings that are worth saying

Wouldn't you say that there are sayings that are worth saying, either because they make you wiser, either because they improve your command of English, or because it passes the time?

This very thread is devoted to your favourite sayings.
Have your say ... with your best sayings.


  • Never say goodbye, say farewell.
  • No man is more deaf than they who don't want to hear.
  • Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
  • The end of life is death.
    So, the end of life is life.
  • From Gee:
    The end of life is death.
    So, the end of life is life.


    I'm sorry Mr Gee, your saying sounds profound, but I don't quite understand! Could you explain it to me (perhaps using more concrete things like pigs or sheep, please)?
  • As I am neither a farmer, nor a shepherd, dude, I couldn't write a play for characters the kind of pigs and sheeps.

    About the two lines I jotted down more than a month ago, here are some hints to catch it.
    One person life ends with a death, whatever that death is.
    May I not say that the end of life is death?
    Just in the way we could say that the end of war is "no-war", say, peace.
    The death is the opposite of life.
    As the death comes, there is no life any more. Since the end of life was the last moment of living.
    Aren't you of the same mind?
  • Hi, Fred, wait a mo!
    Do you know that end is sometimes taken for aim?
    To achieve one's end is synonymous of to reach one's goal.

    If you see the Death as a female skeleton carrying a scythe, you might choose the first line of the saying "The end of life is death", as for the Death "The end justifies the means".

    But I recommend you to look at the life as at an enthralling way of being and choose the second line of the saying. Life is an end in itself, since the end of life is life.
  • Thanks for clearing that up, Gee. Now I have something to tell my pigs and sheep when I transport them to the abattoir.
  • First and foremost I want to apologize for the huge bug that spoiled my first tip of Jan 14 as I granted sheep with a second S. Unforgivable!

    Anyway I didn't stop to bear you in mind, Fred. Here you are with what you asked for, a fable you can tell your pigs and sheep on their way to the abattoir.


    Fable for farmer only

    In a murky pigsty * lived enclosed a pig
    At all times favoured * with left-overs and scraps
    That he fell right upon.* His greediness was big.
    Gulping down right away * jettisoned food scraps,
    All he was looking for * was to get fat and big.
    The fatter the gladder * the sooner the better
    Had been his hard motto * stuck to to the letter.

    But once upon a day * before gulping again,
    At the next discharges * the pig did cast a glance
    Beyond his pigsty bars * over there in the pen
    Where a ewe was grazing, * giving the grass no chance,
    Grazing a rich green grass. * A never-ending meal
    Taken in open air * while strolling a great deal.

    Flabbergasted the pig * couldn’t help comparing
    His unremetting job * to that one of the ewe.
    That looks a bit alike * it is oneself stuffing.
    Graze it or gulp it down * it is all up to you.
    But living conditions * do not look much alike.
    A dark murky pigsty * A sunny green meadow
    A barred enclosure * Open space as you like
    A thrown away junk food * A fine scrumpious chow.

    Upset the pig grunted: * Hey! You! You stupid ewe!
    What the hell’s going on? * You are spoiling your luck.
    Stop toiling at grazing. * My dear, if I were you,
    I would lie on the grass. * Happiness I would pluck.
    Make the most of your life * that’d be the best for you.

    Looking down on the pig * the ewe bleated jeering:
    Take a look at yourself, * take a mirror, my friend.
    All the day long busy * about the gulp bustling,
    Messy eater you are * from beginning to end.
    Why don’t you take a rest * as it is your wishing?

    My life is not like yours, * answered the fat one.
    The life is a dull fate. * To stop being bored
    There is single way: * getting one’s living done.
    If you must know, you fool, * I’ll get my best reward
    When turned into ham * I will have met my end.
    You’re destined to death, * death gives your life an end.

    At these words the ewe said: * You must be mistaken.
    A dreadful dream should be * by life be forsaken.
    I like strolling about. * I like grazing around.
    Life is not lying stiff.* In life pleasures abound.
    If you must know, you nit, * I’ve been wooldressed,
    My wool got blackened, * so as to be saved
    From Aïd-el-Kebir * for Allah’s turning down
    Every black sheep bid .* I’ll keep grazing around!
    Wow! Wow! Enjoy your life! * Life as life is an end!

    People are assigned to set an end to their life.
    Some set it in life itself, some set it outside life.
    In both cases they have to put up with their life in the same way, by s

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