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Mottos that are worth telling to oneself

A motto is a short say expressing a guiding principle.

Make a noble gesture: post under this thread one of your personal mottos.


  • Never give a hand, it makes one-handed.
  • No dream is ever too big for me.
  • Before acting, go thinking.
  • Life is not a dress rehearsal.
  • (I loved your motto. I'm of same mind.)

    Life is a one-off deal.
  • Dear readers,

    I must apologize for having launched a thread headlined with a dreadful bug. I always feel sorry about so many mistakes smearing too many titles in this forum which is not monitorized. And here comes that I am failing myself!
    Hence I think this thread should be left disappearing as the times go.
    I suggest Jens K, Gee, Sandy or anyone else started a new thread headlined at their best convenience or if not with something this way:

    Mottos worth telling oneself.

    Sorry, sorry, sorry.
    Thank you for your compassion.

    Sorry Lucky bastard.

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