English Idioms

Aphorisms calling rhymes for help

May I start here an open rubric in the deserted field of idioms.
Suggestion to everyone who could be interested in:
Report under this same title aphorisms, sayings, proverbs which might been born and kept alive due to the rhymes or repetition of words or similar soundings coming in a row.

[An aphorism is a thought which is given in a few words, a short pithy instructive saying.
That’s a kind of idiom, isn’t it?]

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  • to shake a leg ? Athornbird
  • A pool is a short for a swimming-pool and a BBQ is an abbreviation for a barbecue.
    Pool BBC are commonly used in ads for real estate. (annonces pour l’immobilier)

    A kind of = une sorte de... une espèce de..
    kind of.. = du genre..

    I suggest : « être plutot le genre de mec avec belle barraque piscine et tout »
  • From Francine Callian:

      it could be heureux comme un poisson dans l'eau, coemme un coq en pâte...
  • Don't mistake a hand for a leg.
    If you shake hands with idlers they won't move any faster.
  • Shake a leg!
    That's what you could tell to idlers and other lazybones.
    If they don't understand, tell them "Move on!"
    As a consequence, be you a bird or not, you might be the thorn in their flesh!

    Shake a leg (1) = Dance.
    Shake a leg (2) = Hurry up.

    Yours ever,

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