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The poet is just around the corner

Unveil the dormant poet that lies within you.
Come on under this title.
Tell us your poetry.
Short or long, epic or romantic, prose or verse, black or white, harsh or singsong, …
We listen to you.


  • Haiku for you

    Key to the lock
    Opener to the tin
    Eureka to the discovery
    Haiku to you
  • Yo!
    This is Willy
    I'm not heavy
    I'm just an old person
    who likes the rhythm Yo!
  • The other and the same

    I know myself by facing you.
    You know yourself by facing me.
    We’ve copies galore all round the world
    We’re all the same.
  • Hello
    A song for kids!

    Goodbye holiday
    Hello schoolday
    go on, day after day
    after schoolday
    don't have any pain
    holiday will come again.

    thank you for this forum.
  • the other

    If you were me what would you do?
    If I were you what would I do?
    You are not me, I am not you.
    It’s always the same.
  • The Crow And The Fox
    today’s original version

    Master Crow on a tree was perching
    All the day long doing nothing.
    A rabbit passing by saw the crow
    And told him what’s written below.

    Hi there up! Good day, Master Crow,
    Idling you are and so you glow.
    May I, like you, take a rest and sit down,
    Doing nothing at all, no work, no frown ?

    From the tree the crow said: What’s up?
    Bunny Rabbit, that’s no need to stir up !
    What could prevent you from a rest?
    Sit down, idle, sure that’s the best.

    Right away Bunny sat down on the ground.
    In the shadow to deep sleep he got bound.
    A starving fox roaming around
    Got sight of the sleeping bunny,
    Close to him he crept stealthily
    Gulped it down very greedily.

    Moral of the story:
    As to keep always doing nothing
    Being high-flyer is a good thing.

    This fable is out of date since Friedman changed the face of the Earth.
    Friedman who passed away some days ago invented the drastic liberalism. And so there are no longer jobs where people can idle from morning to dawn, apart from the few very big shots at the very top of the social scale.
  • Secretive

    In her heart of hearts
    She thought
    Don’t tell a soul
    Be as mute as a fish.

    Is it Maureen ?
    Maybe you would open your heart to anyone.
    Maybe you would talk from the bottom of your heart.
    But she didn’t.
    She kept it secret
    In her heart of hearts.
    What did she repress?
    No use to ask Sigmund.
    Her unconscious wasn’t at stake.
  • When I opened my computer tonight to study my daily Gymglish lesson, I looked first for the e-mails I had got. I was astonished when I read a mail from the old witch of Limerick.
    If you haven't heard of her yet, go and read the first episode of "The Bloody Yarn" that takes place in this very lounge.
    The mail was made up of 5 verses written in pink colour.
    Here they are.

    A pansy who lived in Khartoum
    Took a lesbian up to his room
    And they argued all night
    Over who had the right
    To do what, and with which, and to whom.

    I looked up in my dictionary about pansy; it's a queer or a poof.
    queer = homosexual
    poof = in French "tapette"
    I wonder whether that poem has to do (a hint?) with James O'Connor who went and sought advice from that witch.
  • An arm and a leg

    gas up
    price up
    an arm and a leg
    fuel for anger

    As long as necessary (for beginners):
    It's about the high price of gasoline.
    When refuelling a car one’s said to be gassing up.
    "A arm and a leg" is what we know it costs us when a friend uses our cell phone to call his girlfriend in Costa-Rica.(> la peau des fesses)
    Whatever makes you angry is "fuel for" your anger.

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