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a new course

Hello people. Is there anybody from Sanitas there? I've just beginned to use this forum. What do you think about it? It's a good idea, isn't it? We can exchange our experiences of our work.
See you soon


  • Should it be anyone from Sanitas down here, I dunno. I wanted to congratulate LauraEstella who has just begun to use this forum by intending to exchange her experiences of work.
  • Hi Laura, it is my first time too on this forum... what is Sanitas?
    your company? I am from Germany and I am looking forward to improve my English. This is just exercising, but I would like to have fun writing English. Therefore, I try... Do You use an dictionary by doing the Gymlish lesson? I do but don't feel so well about it; please, answer me, till later :-)
  • Hallo Jens
    Wie geht es dir?
    I'm from Spain. Sanitas is my company.I don't use a dictionary to do these lessons. However, in the net, there is a good dictinary online ad free. This is the link
    Well, I'm going to continue working.
  • Hello Laura, I am very pleased to read your words, yes, that is fun.
    I will try this "cambridge-link", thanks a lot. What kind of work are U doing for Sanitas, and what kind of company is it? Where are you living? My hometown is Luebeck 60km from Hamburg. Looking forward to get your answer- hasta pronto!

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