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Joke(s) in English!

A good one (?) :

Why 6 is afraid of 7?
----> Because 7 8 9! ('Seven Eight Nine' ---> 'Seven ate Nine'!!)

Good one? Not so sure...

Peace Out!
Willy - The Security Guard of the Delavingne Corp.

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  • That's a good one, Gina Forty, making wondering up to the end, the far end.

    Here is a shorter one - for kids?

    A fireman was watching a kid playing outside.
    The kid had painted a crate red with ladders on both sides. It actually looked like the fire truck of the fire brigade. Upon coming closer the fireman noticed the crate was about to be towed by a dog and a cat. The towrope was tied to the dog's collar but with the cat, it had been fastened to its bollocks.
    The fireman told the kid: Say, kid, if you tied the tug rope to the cat's collar, you'd ride quite faster.
    I know, hey, replied the kid, but would you make the siren wail by yourself?
  • The tomatoe family goes for a walk on the street-
    Papa tomato, Mama tomato and Baby tomato.
    Baby tomato loiters and falls back.
    Papa tomato gets really angry, goes back to Baby tomato,
    squashes him and says: "Catch up!".

    That's not funny, you won't laugh, when I heard the joke
    for the first time, I didn't laugh either.
  • I got caught in a big laugh at first hearing, Uderzo, so scrumptious was your ketchup!
  • That's wondeful, Gee. I'm relieved. So there is hope and still a market for that kind of jokes.
  • To keep going on in the tone, here is a possible following to your joke, Uderzo.

    This morning Toto Tomato came to the nursery school and told the schoolteacher: Mum came home yesterday with a baby brother to me.

    The schoolteacher who was a bit schoolmarmish told to everyone in the class: Toto's mother has bought a little brother to him.

    Upon what Toto replied: No! We are used to doing everything by ourselves at my home.

  • Thanks, Gee, your one is better than mine.

    My joke is more a pun. I encountered it in a movie. They first time I heard it, some years ago, my English wasn't good enough to understand the pun in it. I heard "Ketchup", of course, and thought: OK, nice, but what's the punchline?
  • It WAS

    From Stéphnikas:

    It was a good one. That's my point of you


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