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Creating a songtext or lyric poetry!

Hi friends of Gymlish all over the world! Let's build a work of art together. I'd like You to add only one line, with or without rhyming, so we will get real lyrics. It could be big fun. Maybe, I'll create a song of this, watch out. Now here is the first line:

Desire, it's me, just staring at the screen

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  • Yea! You're my man! A woman voice: Holy Cole, Diana Krall?
  • On what beat do you hear the song? Soul, jazz, country, rock, techno, rap, dance...?

    Let me heard your beat, let me feel it, let me dream, let me be touched.
  • How about a soulful and jazzy lounge-background with a chilled and horny voice?
  • Thanx 4 your motivation, dear AhQ.
    Where are You living? Maybe I could visit you for writing a song together realy? Just a guitar, a piano and our voices... or something like that:~)

    Desire, it's me, just staring at the screen.
    Beloved, would you, get me rid of my spleen!
    Come on, push the button, enjoy the release.
    Hold on, be strong, all we need is relief.
    Let loose, lust for climax, start with a strip-tease.
    Mat skin, wet lips, make do with disbelief.
    But this is just my display, see what happens outside,
    joining nature, pure presence in this blue open wide!
  • Oh my goodness! Jens K you made my mind blur. Coming back to, of course, I am waiting FOR your poetry.
  • OK Jens K.
    Your fans are waiting to listening to you singing your song.
    It was quite interesting to write a song with the singer. Hope it IS still interesting. Don't drop it.

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