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2 Big problems

1. In the Scenes of The Fantastic Mr. Wang, the accent of Mr.Wang is japanese or french, it is not a chinese accent.

2."can't" can be written by "can not" and "cannot".


  • As even Shakespeare was'nt perfect himself, he certainly wouldn't have said to Bumbrlik "Falseness cannot come from thee"...
    Falsness can come from anybody, perfection doesn't exist on this Earth...

    Thanks anyway for your poetic comments, YOU are right for both spellings, we musn't forget the context before we decide.

    Hence, I should maybe apply the proverb: "Think before you speak," shouldn't I?

    Wishing you a very happy new year and looking forward to reading you soon again
  • Are you sure of the two possibilities of writing "can't"?
    I would prefer only one way of spelling it: cannot

    See you
  • "Falseness cannot come from thee" should have said Shakespeare to Bumbrlik, as he made it told by one of his charaters in "Pericles".
    No, bumbrlik, falseness cannot come from you, it came on November 16 from an overzealous braggart telling that "can not" could be written in 2 seperate words! What a dreadful falsehood!

    The two n of cannot are so keen on each other that they squeeze up closely, they are stuck and nothing could ever split the couple.

    Nothing but the anger of a maverick guy of my kind who no later than last week told his wee boy who had said he was gonna play hooky "No! You can NOT!" This NOT was so strongly stressed that it couldn't get locked in a tender embrace with its twin-n of can.
    This writing, just as can't affected by its uttering, bordering on mistake, is the fact of a maverick that rookies shouldn't copy.

    Nothing but ... also some moving contexts letting the second n of cannot fall in love with another following small word, most often adverb, and therefore become unfaithful.
    The overzealous braggart can not even delay his speech.
    The maverick speaker can not only be shameless, but even cheeky.
    But we cannot write it so unwisely!
  • If you tell it, bumbrlik, we'll settle for writing can't (writing along with the common speaking) or cannot. Never "can not". Thank you for putting things right.
  • About your problem number 1.
    I can't remember if I ever could watch the scene with a fantastic Mr. Wang. But I'd just tell you that if Mr Wang hadn't kept his genuine Chinese accent, it's possibly because he left China a long time ago. About Japanese or French accents (both with capital first letter) I wonder how you manage to mistake each other, they are quite different.

    About a so-called problem number 2.
    To my mind, there is no problem at stake here.
    You are right saying that "can't" may also be written "cannot" or without any abbreviation "can not". I personally use cannot to insist a bit on the negation. I think that can't is more usual, particularly in speaking.

    I like your nickname, skysea, which has probably something to do with mistaking one thing for another. When flying oversea, and probably when sailing at the open sea too, the horizon often gets blurred and the sky can't be mistaken from the sea.


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