The Delavigne Corporation


I voted for Brian Jones'accent because I understand better the British accent.


  • Yes I agree. And for that, I voted for Jean Marron. He cracked me up. Very funny accent.
  • I voted for Brion Jones, because he speaks so distinctly and clearly.
  • We're gonna be served Horatio aplenty, that's your vote, buds and gals. I think it's a good prospect. Good enough, the GG is striving against that stuck up imperialist English accent, the kind of a blissful girl and a Limey Jones.
  • Hi all of you, Flowers and gushy guys!

    In the accent competition of last Friday at the Delavigne Corporation head office in SF, contestants had to vote for the craziest possible accent. They had "to decide who had the craziest way of speaking". If you voted for Jones, Brian Jones, no doubt you stand on the side of Loblaw. According to you, Jones has got the CRAZIEST accent, hasn't he?
    Goodness gracious me! That's world upside down. The brain washing work of Loblaw is working on the very soil of the USA.

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