English Grammar

Progressive form

I have a question for you.

In this following excerpt from a Gymglish story, the progressive form is used : "she will be holding group therapy".

"Feel free to visit her during office hours. Nothing is mandatory, however she will be holding [ group therapy sessions] once a month."

Questions :

- Could the futur verb tense be used instead of the progressif form: "she will held group therapy"?

- If so, would it means something else ?




  • To my mind, "She will hold group therapy once a month" should be correct in absolute terms.
    But here inside the sentence you are reporting, it's about a visit that could be paid to the person at a certain moment. The concern is that the person to be visited could be off, "holding a group therapy" at the very time of the visit. At the moment of the visit, the group therapy could be "in progress".

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