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"Do you remember this ?" section

I have a question about the "Do you remember this ?" section that you can find in every lessons.

For each word, you can choose :

- No need to review
- I knew it
- I was unsure
- I did not know

What is the difference between "I knew it" and "No need to review" ?

Does "I knew it" mean that 'Ok I know this word but I would like tocheck if I still know it another time' ?

Does "No need ro review" mean 'Ok I know this word and I don't want to review it another time !' ?

Thanks in advance,


  • Many thanks for this importante information.
  • Hello-
    This is Willy (The Security Guard of the Delavigne Corp.)
    Look what I found ! Some informations!!!!

    The self-evaluation test is designed to facilitate an optimized revision program. Based on our answers, the AI engine calculates the intervals of revision which are adapted to our capacity for
    memorization. Therefore, it doesn't make sense to cheat!

    When we click on 'No need to review', the word or idiom is not a problem for us, or this word or idiom doesn't interest us. Then, we won't be tested again later.

    When we click on 'I knew it', the word is known BUT we still want to be tested on it later!

    Hope I'm clear!
    Peace Out!
  • Thanks for this information !

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