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make a trip

Hi all,

I'd like to organise a trip in a english country with my wife and my little daughter. We'd stay only during one week and obviously a cheap trip ;)

did you already prepare this kind of travel? in london for exemple or others countries.. i am from paris. I'll like a hotel and place where we'll speak.

thank for your reply.



  • As long as I catch your drift, Marouane, I think your project is a bit like facing a dilemma.
    The best way to speak is to spend a guided visit with a native guide with whom you'll get the opportunity to talk, ask and listen to. As your trip musn't cost an arm and a leg, you can't afford a private guide. Hence the cheapest way to arrange such guided visit is with a local friend or acquaintace. If you don't have such acquaintance, take part of guided tours, information lectures or debates organized for tourists.
    Anyway when moving through London or any other English-speaking big city, ask for your way, ask for information, even though you didn't need information at all. Catch any opportunity to speak and be spoken to.
    The further difficulty is that your activities should charm the pants of you and your wife while not boring the pants of your wee daughter.
  • Thanks a lot Gee for yours invaluable advices! I'll think about ideas like taking part of guided tours, this is excellente!

    have a nice evening


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