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Starring-words quiz

Warning: This starring-words quiz is not a star-crossed quiz! (star-crossed means ill-fated) However it is not the fastest way to learn English. Hence it is destined to people who have plenty of spare time on their hands to help them avoiding twiddling their thumbs.

There is a grid of 49 signs displayed in a square to make a quiz.
The sign x is worth 1, 2, 3 or 4 in the quiz.
What’s to be done?
Any sign is to be replaced by a letter (EXCEPT DOTS that fit for alignments)
The number-signs make up an 8-branche star.

The six signs 1 plus x represent a word reading from down left to up right.
The six signs 2 plus x represent a word reading from left to right.
The six signs 3 plus x represent a word reading from up left to down right.
The six signs 4 plus x represent a word reading downwards.

Every horizontal line read from left to right makes up a word.
The vertical lines don’t make up words.

3. -. -. 4. -. -. 1
-. 3. -. 4. -. 1. -
-. -. 3. 4. 1. -. -
2.2.2. X. 2.2.2
-. -. 1. 4. 3. -. -
-. 1. -. 4. -. 3. -
1. -. -. 4. -. -. 3

Definitions or hints

word 1: Luna deLune, head of HR at the Delavigne corp., attaches importance to the psychological one of the staffs.
word 2 (= 4th line): Do you think that every Delavigne Corp. staff is so for the job?
word 3 (from up left to down right): He is somehow the opposite of Warbuckle who owns a big farm with huge fields.
word 4 (vertical): Delavigne’s business activity.

first line: Even if you thought every staff at Delavigne doesn’t match the line 3, you couldn’t say they are that.
second line: Horatio uses monkeys for his business but he wouldn’t ever treat them so.
third line: cause to have great charm (as Delavigne scents might do).
fifth line: small cube of toasted bread (it might come in Horatio’s monkeys soup served at lunch.)
sixth line: elephants do, monkeys don’t.
seventh line: used in Horatio’s lab to measure the acidity-alkalinity of the mixtures. Here the words is badly written in one piece; it had better be written with a gap after the first two letters, as it is going in Uv meter, Ir meter, Cs meter, ID meter, etc.

An advice item?
Copy and paste the grid on your response before jotting down the letters.
Partial responses may help others to fulfil the grid.


  • Everyone knows the Delavigne Corp.'s area of activity is production and marketing of perfumes.
    So word 4 (w4) should be PERFUME

    In one of my latest lessons, Luna was setting up the staffs' psychological profiles.
    So w1 should be PROFILE

    What elephants do that monkeys could never do, it's trumpetting.
    So line 6 should show TRUMPET

    The last line definition is so clear that nobody could miss the PH METER , with the glitch of a no-gap. PHMETER
  • How nice it is, Sandy! Way to go to get it over with this quiz.

    The starred grid as Sandy left it on 12/15 at 17:45 CET

    3. -. -. P -. -. E
    -. 3. -. E -. L -
    -. -. 3. R I -. -
    2.2.2. F 2.2.2
    -. -. O U 3. -. -
    T R U M P E T
    P H M E T E R
  • Additional straight to the point hints:

    W2 : expert, proficient
    W3 : tenant of a small farm
    L1 : lame
    L2 : in a cruel manner
    L3 : to cause to have great charm or appeal
    L5 : this word starts with a C and ends with an N
  • The grid fulfilled with letters

    C__R__ I__P__P__L__E
    G__L__ O__R__I__F__Y

    The star fulfilled with shine

    ______ O__R__I______

    Be your heart fulfilled with joy.
  • Got it, Sandy. Stardom is yours!

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