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What is the meaning of the idiom"CLEVER CLOGS"? Thank you!


  • You're right, you great farmer.

    Gee in himself is a clod. But as he has been sucking at a clever-clever GymGlish for three years yet, he has got a little bit of their clever-clog feature.

    Tell me, that sheep that's outsmarting you, isn't it Doris? (1)

    (1) No offense intended, hey Fred. Just read "isn't she" if it does excite you more that way.
  • Hi supernul!

    Who is said to be a clever clogs is a clever person, but said clever with a humorous shade of meaning, and sometimes a pejorative hint.
    Generally it is not a euphemism meaning the opposite, the person is really clever but maybe like to let it know.

    In fact a clever clogs is exactly the opposite of a supernul in strict sense of the term, not euphemism. But as you take your name of supernul as an euphemism to tell you are a clever person, in that euphemist meaning of the word, I'd like to take clever clogs and supernul for synonyms.

    I'd say equally:
    Explain that words away, Mister clever clogs.
    Explain that word away, Mister know-it-all.
    Explain that word away, Mister clever Dick.
    (I wouldn't use supernul myself in such construction because it's your own copyright.)

    clog: (n)1. something that impedes; 2. wooden shoe; wooden sole shoe; (v) to clog is to impede, to hinder, to encumber. > clogged plug of the tub; traffic clogs = traffic jam.

    Bye now, supernul.
    All I know about it comes from the GG lessons that sowed it in my dull skull which is no longer null.
  • What a farmer does with his sheep in the privacy of his own farm is his own business. I have done nothing wrong!
  • So, if I understand correctly:

    Gee + GymGlish = clever clogs?

    I'm no clever clogs, however. I'm regularly out-smarted by my own sheep. Let me out of this shed you wooly devils!!!

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