English Grammar

since the mid 90s

How do you write that?

since the mid nineties
since the mid nineties's
since the mid ninety's


  • I would say the first sentence :)
  • Definitely "since the mid nineties".

    Happy New Year Gwendo!
  • Nice to meet you in 2009. Thanks and Happy New Year!
  • I agree with Davide and Silky, the correct one is "since the mid nineties".
  • How blessed you are, Gwendo. What a wealth of answers you got about the nineties! Even Silky dropped by. Though I know Silky for having a lot of things to care of. I wonder whether I wouldn't be a bit jealous for I posted a request about the dating in the Vocabulary column but I have been left in the lurch for six full days so far. I might never get anything. Nobody wants to give me their two cents. Maybe I am a black sheep amids the white flock of GGusers. Bad to me. Good to you, fabulous blessed Gwendo.
  • ninety's
  • magaji!!! Stop playing the bad girl!

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