The Delavigne Corporation

Where is Ms Bümbüm?

I miss her so much, a woman with such a nice name is good for more than one sequence scenes.


  • I feel your pain, Samson! I have a Bümbüm poster hidden in the pig shed toilet (Mrs Farmer never goes in there). She's so beautiful, even more beautiful than my favourite sheep, Doris.

    Dear GymGlish: we demand more Bümbüm!
  • Good luck to you with Doris and Mrs. Farmer, happy daydreams with Iwana and so many tickets to ride to the middle of nowhere in 2009.
  • And where ar you Mr. Samson? I would like to hear your opinion about the apalling health conditions in the perfume industry. Did you read about the nasty rumpus rooms, toilets and floors there. Would you further buy french perfumes?

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