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Ideal Gymglish episode

I have a good idea. Why don't we all write our ideal episode for GymGlish? Which Delavigne characters appear? What is the story? How long is it? Is it simple? Is it hard? What topics do you want to read/hear about? What vocabulary do you want more of?

My ideal episode is like this:
1) I want to hear Susie or Brian (I love their English accents!)

2) It takes place in Asia

3) The plot is that Brian or Susie is on a secret mission from Bruno to speak to a contact who says that he has the plans for a new Delavigne scent and will sell them to the highest bidder. Then there is a mad chase because the contact has lost them, and everyone thinks that they have fallen into the hands of the badguys. At the end the badguy is actually Horatio!

4) I am interested in negotiations because I often speak to my interlocuteurs in Singapour (the company I work for has shops there) and we do a lot of travelling.

5) I love the humour and learning new idioms!


  • By all means, you had a good idea, Marine.
    You planned your ideal episode with the answers to every W key question: the Who, the Where, the When, the Why and even the Wow (for How).
    But up until now you didn't "write your ideal episode" yet.
    Write it without delay.
    As you travel for your job as much as Bruno does for the Delavigne, you could play the "shadow CEO". And insofar as you travel by sea, you could play the shadow submarine in the wake of Bruno.
    I am not kidding, Marine.
    Jot down your episode as a shadow writer. Some witty fellow-GGusers could swim in your wake.
  • I am not a writer, Gee! But I like your insistence ("Write it without delay... I am not kidding, Marine" - I'm sure you are not!).
  • I know someone who IS a writer - Mr. Gee. Come on, don't be shy, sir. What would be your ideal episode?
  • I love the GymEnglish lecons but i would want more action!

    - Horation Oléré should be in the lecon becuase he's is the funnest personnage! I love his monkies best because i am working as veterinaire assistant and I love the animals. I live in the French countryside with many rich English people and they have animals and I have explain them what happen to the animals so I need to say words like poux or leucose of cats. This words I want.

    - Lecons would be easy for me because i'am not so good understand conversations when they speak to quickly. Not to long also is best.

    - I like when personnages of delavigne corporation travels all over the World bevause we are listening accents and funny speaks of every where, thats best.

    - my favorite Gymenglish thing is the lecons are so funny! It always make me laugh when I listen them. Listen lecons are better the reading lecons because more fun and instructive!

    What you think? What everyone wants in your lecons too?!?!
  • Hi **~~**kana9&reverse!
    You're right suggesting the writers how to go on with their episodes. As for me, the ideal episodes are that ones I have been receiving for some times yet.

    Hep Fred,
    You must be mistaken. I am more of a doer than a writer. But as you are used to dealing with pigs and sheep, it would be as easy as pie to you to bring Horatio's monkeys into play, and the whole Delavigne zoo as well.

    Cooee Marine,
    Don't be discouraged by the slight interest showed by Fred about your intentions of writing. We are eager to read you soon.
  • Hey Marine/Gee/fred/KanaKana!!

    J want many aeronautics episodes, pilots, and stewards (waow!!) - female :-p

    It seems we could go by plane anywhere in the world, but where? Delavigne is traveling all over the world with his compazny so must use the plane. Private? Jet engine or propellor?
    Aviation vocabulary is very important for all people working in this secteur. Let's have more!!!!!
  • What's is your job, Shin? Tell it so that people sharing the same area of expertise exchange opinions, experiences, vocabulary and so on.
  • Marine, I am still patiently waiting for your ideal episode. Hope it'll come before I pass away.

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