English Grammar

What can I do to get more grammar ?


Two months ago I started my lessons and I have the impression that my grammar is much lower than my level of vocabulary and oral comprehension / writing. I also repeat the lessons of grammar and gives me the feeling of not moving forward. What can I do?


  • Hi Villaverde,
    I felt just the same. The English grammar is hard to learn. But in time you'll notice that you make progress. Good luck to you! Perhaps some advanced GGUsers like Silky and Gee can give us a hint, a link, an URL to find some nice exercises for special grammar problems.
  • Hello Sanson.

    Thank you very much for giving me encouragement. I was already thinking that was the only one that I took these lessons too seriously.

    I look forward to the advice of more advanced GGusers on links, etc., with grammar exercises. Would be too much to ask that these exercices fun? All we have an idea of what it can be boring grammar!!!

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