The Delavigne Corporation

Madness at Delavigne!

Oh my goodness, Edward Moon has gone crazy!

He's currently the boss of the Delavigne Corporation and is implementing some drastic changes!

check out to see what I mean!

What do you think of his whaky ideas?


  • Hep Fred!
    [CS: Are you sure "wacky" is most relevant word to qualify the man acting as CEO for now?]

    As long as I can remember, Bruno appointed Moon to act as manager because, as he said, he was a clumsy man!
    Choosing a clumsy substitute (is it the right word? I wonder) Bruno made sure he wouldn't be himself preferred and outclassed by a rival.

    But there is another clue, maybe not made public: Moon is schizo-maniac. If you must know many great inventors and artists were schizo. There specific frame of mind allowed them to see what the man in the street couldn't see. They were often looked at as going mad. (I'll hand you over a list of schizo thinkers and artists if you want.)
    For instance the project of painting the whole buildings white is something Bruno wouldn't have been able to think by himself. By the way I'll be on duty next 24th at the crack of dawn to start painting from the top of roofs. Would you be there to picket the car parks? If so, a fight is to be expected.
  • Hep Fred!
    Anyway convey my regards to Doris.

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