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Edward Moon = nutter

Hello my lovely fans!

Ed Moon has gone crazy at Delavigne.

Checkout the blog now and leave a comment to note your disapproval!

If enough of us object, we can stop this madness!




  • Don't care of Moon, Elkie. With your dark glasses you couldn't be dazzled by the Moon's light. I like so much your dark glasses, Elkie.
  • Edward Moon is a genius, an artist wandering off the beaten track.
    What about you, Elkie Johns? Aren't you that singer showing off in the backstages of cafés in remote villages? If Moon should be told nutter, I'd suggest you be told as nutty as a fruitcake rotting in the shopwindow of the corner backer's.
    Be it as it may, I nonetheless wish you made a hit with your fans, if any.

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