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Donna Donnovan

In "Brian's first week.." (scene 4/5) Donna Donnavan talks to the ladies about Icarus's problems: "that he'll probably cry about his mum again".
Normally Donna D. should be bound to maintain confidentiality, there is an obligation to preserve secrecy about what happens during the sessions with her clients.
Who for heaven's sake would further agree to speek to her about personal problems after that incident, because she is known to spread them in the chat?
CW Gwendo


  • Dr Donna Donnovan should be struck off the Psychologist Practitioners Register. In the same way Dr Loblaw should be struck off the Medical Register.
    Gwendo, are you ready to testify about Dr Donna Donnavan peddling her patients private data? If so, we could begin legal proceedings.
    It remains that such strikings off would leave us deprived of some odd episodes which couldn't be overlooked.
  • TGIS
  • I haven't the faintest notion of what you were talking about.
  • About nothimg special:

    "Thank God It's Sunday" ... (so, fortunately, I am not forced to make a decision concerning the weal and woe of Donna Donovan.)

    "Laugh out loud!" Ich lach mich tot!

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