English Idioms


I just read the Delavigne Blog, the first comment of Edward Moon to Bruno message: Greetings from our nation's capital.
What does it mean "I've taken to this leadership game like a 'rock to water"

Thanks for this.


  • As Moon is quoting Jones, why not asking Jones?

    Nevertheless I'd feel inclined to think that Edward Moon is mistaken with saying that Brian Jones said it. Do you think that take to a position "like a rock to water" is a very British idiom?
    Moon is very creative and possibly dropped the expression off the cuff. We might be forced to understand the expression on the basis of its metaphoric features.

    But I find it fab if Moon invented the expression, and planned to paint everything white as well . He is an interesting schizophrenic subject used to strolling on the moon: Who else would have thought of the big O about Bruno in Washington DC? I'd so much like to have a brainstorming with him.


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