English Vocabulary

awe and aw

awe-some refers to awe
hand-some to hand?
What does that "some" mean?
And finally: what is that aw awful is referring to? (perhaps remaining from an early Anglo-Saxon language system?)

I for one learn better by using some mnemonic devices.

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  • Gee will tell you, Samson. As leat I guess, because he is so talkative! In the mean time, I'd say that "alter" is Latin for "other"; "ego" is Latin for "I", "myself". Thanks to Freud the ego is much more than a plain conscience of oneself.
    An alter ego is Latin but still often used in modern languages.
    Psychologists will tell you that your ego has been built up by seeing yourself in alter egos which are like images of yourself in a mirror.
    In Gee's humorous text, the alter ego is nothing more than "another myself".

  • That's it.
    I for one think that if we hadn't alter ego(s) we would be. Period! We would just be but not be ourselves.
    As the babies suck at their mother's breast and sooner or later get aware that they are not the breast and that the breast is not themselves, they acquire an ego and... may I be so bold as saying that their mother's boob is somehow their temporary alter ego?
    What do you think?
  • Is that means that men are looking for themselves through women boobs? (just kidding...)

  • You got it, Hortence! So men do.

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