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I am aware that aliens have already visted us. I trust some of the most reliable witnesses on Ufos. what do you think? Do you believe in Ufos? (unidentified flying objects)


  • Ovnia, Ovnia,
    did you vanish into space as an UFO?
    Don't mind what Gee said first. Believe in yourself.
    I believe in Ufos, Ovnia. I believe in you. Don't disappoint me.
  • Blast it! I hope I didn't cool down ovnia's dreams! Please, you there over who are imaginative with a mind full of fanciful UFOs, come on and have your say. It's a funny topic, it would be a shame to drop it in the lurch.
  • Of course, Ovnia, you must be so keen of OVNIs that I wouldn't disappoint you. I believe in UFOS. But I don't believe in aliens visiting Earth.
    To some extent, I believe in UFOS
    1. for being optical phenomena which make some visionary observers raving;
    2. for being a good topic for fictional movies.

    By the way, Ovnia, ASA you are visited by an alien of yours, convey my regards to him or her (I don't know if they are sexed, tell me, please.)


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