English Vocabulary

More vocabularies

I am having difficulties to inter more vocabularies in my english, can you join me and provide more tacts of gaining easely vocabularies?


  • More words in my vocabulary > a richer vocabulary

    Passive vocabulary: to increase the number of words you understand, read, read again your GG lessons and frequently go to your workbook to meet with your recently acquired words.

    To extend your ACTIVE vocabulary, you should choose some words and put them into short sentences or expressions that you say again and again. I call that the squirrel cage training. You put an expression into the squirrel cage and as a squirrel you make the cage rotate for some time. You may go repeating an expression when being alone, on your own, just for yourself, even while doing something else that's doesn't require so much attention. If you practice alone, just make sure you are alone, for onlookers could think your are going mad, as a freak schizophrenic guy.
  • "The squirrel cage", how stimulating this "image" (métaphore??) is!
    I will "make the cage rotate", as you said, from this time on (à partir de maintenant??). I also find it useful to read aloud (e.g. the newspaper) in order to hear my voice in English.


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