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unilaterally rejected by all parties

Dear GG-fellows!
Please explain me how it could be possible that a peace proposal is unilaterally rejected by all parties, as I heard in my GG lesson.
I assumed that unilaterally means by only one party, one-sided.


  • Hiya Cordelia,
    I am of the same mind. If a proposal is rejected unilaterally, the rejection is the fact of one and only side.

    Now that we know the cast of mind of the GG team, we have to consider that the sentence hasn't been written innocently.

    It could be a mere joke as an antinomy.

    But I wonder whether the proposal could have been rejected by every party without any discussion between the involved parties . Each party on its own could had rejected the proposal without debating the question with the others. In such a case, each of the parties could tell that they rejected the proposal unilaterally - from their own side in a conceited state of mind.

    What do you think, Cordelia?
  • I totally agree with you.

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